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There's nothing like the warmth and atmosphere of a wood burning fireplace to handle the winters we have in Australia. An Arrow wood heater will add value, charm and ambiance to your home, as well as keeping your family warm in the glow of one of our famous wood fireplaces.

The Difference is Quality

Since 1981, Arrow Wood Heaters have set the benchmark for solid, reliable, effective heaters that are ready for winters in Australia.

Arrow’s traditional wood heater fireplace styling and rugged heavy-duty construction will ensure years of unbeatable heating performance for anyone that loves the ambience and warmth of a wood fire.

Continuing product development has seen significant improvements in performance, efficiency and low emissions.

Our Products

Inbuilt Arrow Wood Heaters

Arrow inbuilt wood heaters come in two sizes and performance levels for heating homes up to 35 squares.  Arrow inbuilt wood heaters come with a powerful 3 speed fan for excellent heat distribution. Our inbuilt wood heaters also come with performance enhancing cast iron fire box liners and grates, plus the convenience of the easy-to-use ash pan, which means you'll never have to let the fire go out.

Freestanding Arrow Wood Heaters

Arrow freestanding wood heaters are available in two sizes and performance levels ideal for heating homes up to 35 squares. Arrow freestanding wood heaters are built to our high standards of construction, durability and longevity. Our freestanding wood heaters come with a powerful 3 speed fan for maximum heat distribution.

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Enjoy Greater Warmth

Arrow wood heaters are unique. The fully welded steel plate firebox is fitted with performance enhancing cast iron liners for greater heat retention and transfer of heated air into the home.

Looking for Optimum Efficiency?

Arrow wood heaters have a 3-way air induction system that completely burns the firewood for optimum heat output and improves combustion even when the fuel is less than ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most efficient wood burning heater?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the most efficient wood burning heater depends on your specific needs and requirements. Wood fireplaces are a popular choice when it comes to heating, and some general tips for choosing the best wood burning heater include:

  1. The size and layout of the room so you can choose the correct heater for the space.
  2. The type of fuel used: a wood heater fireplace is a great option if you have no access to natural gas or if you want to cut down on your gas or electricity usage.
  3. Fuel efficiency: The most efficient wood burning heaters tend to be more fuel-efficient than some other forms of heating.
  4. Safety: It is important to choose a heater that meets all applicable safety standards and that is built to last.

Are wood heaters cost effective?

The running costs of a wood heater vary depending on the size, type, and quality of the heater, and as the location and condition of the home. Wood heaters are considered to be cost effective as they typically use less energy than other types of heating systems. These wood fireplaces are often more durable than other types of heating systems, making them an overall more sustainable choice.

What should I look for when buying a wood heater?

There are a few key factors to consider when buying a wood heater: the build quality, size and capacity of the heater, the area it can heat, and the warranty.

Is installing a wood heater difficult?

You should use a qualified plumbing contractor to install your wood heater. They shouldn't have too much difficulty and will supply you with any certificates that are required.

Who makes the best Australian made wood heaters?

There are a number of wood heaters that are made in Australia. Coonara, Arrow and Heatcharm are some of the best built models available.

Is firewood cheaper than gas and electric heating?

Firewood is an economical way to heat your home because you can monitor how much you are using and how much you are spending. With the rising cost of electricity and gas, firewood is becoming a more viable option to heat your home.

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